Maximizing Social Security

With so much at stake, when and how to elect Social Security may be the most important decision middle income couples make in retirement.

This decision is no longer mysterious and research intensive. York Independents is now a proud provider of Social Security
Timing, a revolutionary program used to discover how you can maximize your Social Security. And, the best part, York Independents offers all it’s clients this service for FREE. If you hadn’t already noticed, Y.I. is commited to providing middle income families with financial analyses free of charge… we are here to grow your wealth, not take it from you. To find out more about Social Security Timing, please visit Y.I.’s social security site with the link below…


Y.I. is proud to partner with the York County Libraries to offers a free educational seminar about Social Security Timing, what kind of answers it provides, and how it works.
To see when the next Social Security Timing event is scheduled, please visit our Y.I. Around Town page in the navigation bar.

To read up on what the Wall Street Journal has to say about Social Security Timing, use the pdf below to view the articles.