Free Seminar Series

York Independents offers a variety of educational seminars in conjunction with multiple educational institutions in the Greater York Area.

We have partnered with the York County Library System, The OLLI Program at Penn State University, York College, Boscov’s, various York County School Districts, and several local churches to put on a one-hour speaker series.

These seminars currently cover three need-to-know topics, which are: Maximizing Your Social Security, Free Money For College, and Scriptural Foundations of Personal Finance. Below is a description of each lecture; to find out when you can catch a free lecture visit our “Around Town” page.

Maximizing Social Security – A one hour course offering an in-depth look at all the filing options available when claiming Social Security. Find out how there are 729 ways for a married couple to claim Social Security. When and how should you claim? Mistakes made now could cost you over $30,000. Find out all this and more.

Free Money For College – Did you know there are tons of ways to find money for your children to go to college? There are grants and scholarships just waiting for someone to collect. There are even pointers to know when filing your FAFSA that could maximize your Federal financial aid opportunity. Join us to learn about these topics and more, and get a free scholarship valued at up to $5,000.

Scriptural Foundations of Personal Finance – What is God’s plan for your success? The rules are clearly delineated in the Bible, if we know where to look. Join us for a 45 minute talk on the oldest principles of success known to man. Watch the Around Town section of the website to find our next church.