About Us

Studies show that only 16% of American families achieve significant levels of financial success. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them? The key thing that separates the top 16% from all the rest is that they have a clearly delineated, written game plan to achieve their financial goals. We feel that the most critical aspect of obtaining financial success is the development and implementation of a financial game plan. York Independents has made it our mission to help our clients join the 16% and ultimately raise that percentage entirely.

We understand that handling finances is not a favorite pastime for most, fortunately it is for us. We love to help families better understand the financial marketplace and navigate through it with ease. Therefore, we make it as stress free as possible. We review your current financial situation and listen to your concerns, and then we discuss your future goals and dreams. Through the discovery process we are able to build you a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) which is a snapshot of your finances today and a road map to your financial goals. With your financial game plan in place you’ll need to begin implementation, and this is where York Independents shines and (where our name comes from). York Independents is an independent broker of insurances and retirement solutions. We’ve established relationships with over one hundred financial services companies nationwide. If there is an area where you need help, we can shop multiple carriers to find what works for you. For fifteen years we have been assisting Pennsylvania and Maryland families get wealthier while adding money back into their monthly budget.

If you have a game plan in place but are just looking for solutions with your insurances or retirement, we can help there, too. We will shop multiple carriers for all your financial needs. Some firms claim to shop the market place for you, but they’re just selling your information to different carriers. We keep your information completely confidential and we don’t have any incentive to market one carrier, we simply bring the solutions to you.

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